Best Places to MeetGreen® Scorecard

Best Places to MeetGreen® Scorecard is a list published by MeetGreen that recognizes the ability of cities to provide green meeting services. The list scores cities according to environmental programs in place at the convention and visitors' bureau, convention center and hotels in the city's conference package.

The scores for each city:

Scorecard practices are based on minimum guidelines recommended for destinations, venues and accommodation by the Convention Industry Council, US Environmental Protection Agency and Environment Canada. The scorecard also includes practices and measurements that exceed these guidelines, ensuring that it reflects verified leadership practice in the industry. In this way the scorecard not only measures what is in place, but provides a roadmap for improving practices.

Destinations are scored in three areas. Each destination must provide documentation to verify practices are in place where an on-site verification is not able to be conducted.

  1. City Attributes: This category captures practices in place at the convention and visitor bureau. This may include initiatives that support sustainable communications and marketing practices, reduce and take responsibility for staff travel and provide information on green meeting services. In addition it also gives merit to destinations for infrastructure and policy that supports sustainability in the city generally, such as convenient public transit connections between the airport and conference core and the availability of recycling services.
  2. Convention Venue Attributes: This score reflects sustainable practices that are in place at the main convention venue. Destinations receive merit for practices that promote energy efficiency, water conservation, air and water quality, waste reduction and environmental purchasing. Examples include reducing HVAC and lighting demand outside of show hours, purchasing green power, cleaners and papers, and providing recycling and composting. Destinations also receive credit for sustainable catering practices in place at the convention venue, such as providing service in bulk and purchasing local organics.
  3. Hotel Attributes: This category reflects the percentage of guest rooms in the convention room block that have implemented sustainable practices. Credit is given for the provision of energy efficient lighting, towel and sheet re-use, recycling and water conserving fixtures, in addition to other practices.

Scoring for the Best Places to MeetGreen® Scorecard is weighted based on action and level of performance, as well as the ability of the destination to reduce, reuse and recycle (please see diagram below). Minimum points are awarded for actions that recycle, while maximum points are awarded for actions that promote reduction and are measured to confirm a high level of performance. For example, destinations that can recycle will receive a minimum amount of points. These points will increase if the destination can prove a high recycling diversion rate. Scores may increase further if the destination can prove they are reusing materials, such as palettes at the convention center for example. Those destinations with the highest scores not only recycle and reuse, but also reduce what they use by buying in bulk, encouraging the use of transit or adopting other strategies.

Scoring Graph

Background - MeetGreen
MeetGreen is a participant in the Convention Industry Council's Green Meetings Task Force and a member of Meeting Professionals International, the Professional Convention Management Association and Green Meeting Industry Council. Our MeetGreen® standards have been set with full knowledge of prevailing and leading industry practice. Best Places to MeetGreen® is based on our Code of Ethics defined by the GMIC. The scoring mechanism used for Best Places to MeetGreen® measures leadership level practices that exceed the Convention Industry Council's Green Meeting Guidelines and green meetings procurement policies identified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

MeetGreen is a practitioner of the Natural Step Framework and a signatory to the UN Global Compact. The scoring and practices outlined in Best Places to MeetGreen® reflect our desire to meet in a way that aligns with principles of sound environmental management and social responsibility. This means we desire to operate and partner with cities and businesses who share our values to reduce what we use and contribute positively to the communities we operate in, locally and globally. We provide our Best Places to MeetGreen® list as a way to enable other meeting planners to do the same.